Better Call Saul season 6, episode 6 "Axe and Grind" contains a moment that parallels Howard Hamlin with Walter White, but rather than villainizing Howard, the show actually makes him sympathetic.

Throughout Better Call Saul, Howard is a pseudo-villain that gets on the wrong side of Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler.

Howard's white knight complex infuriates the couple into scheming his downfall, and their plan looks set to implode during the rest of Better Call Saul's final season.

While Howard's sense of moral superiority echoes how Walter White remains convinced of the lie he spins to his family in Breaking Bad

Kim and Jimmy's scheme leads to more screen-time for Howard in Better Call Saul season 6. The audience learns of his troubled home life as he tentatively divulges information to his therapist

The most damning aspect of this scene, however, is how Cheryl casually pours her coffee into a travel mug. Howard delicately makes the coffee for her, crowned with a peace symbol on the foam.

In conjunction with Jimmy and Kim's scheme upping the ante, Better Call Saul poses the question of whether Howard deserves what is coming to him or not.

As a result, similar to how Breaking Bad forced audiences to condemn Walter, Better Call Saul may make audiences consider Jimmy and Kim's morality.