Has Better Call Saul just confirmed the best theory explaining Kim Wexler's absence during Breaking Bad?

With Nacho Varga's death, Jimmy hiring Francesca as his assistant, and cameos from familiar faces like Spooge and Wendy, Better Call Saul season 6 continues to add elements from the Breaking Bad era.

Alas, the Kim Wexler issue remains unresolved. Kim is Jimmy's wife and best friend in Better Call Saul's present day, but she gets nary a mention throughout the entirety of Breaking Bad.

Death awaits around every corner in Vince Gilligan's blood-soaked fictional universe, so Kim is far from guaranteed to reach Better Call Saul's finale alive

Another theory claims Kim spends Breaking Bad in a jail cell, taking the rap for her and Jimmy's Howard Hamlin scam

According to one of the most popular Better Call Saul theories, however, Kim finds herself in such hot water she hires Ed Galbraith

The Kim-Disappearer theory takes a massive leap forward in Better Call Saul season 6's "Axe & Grind." In preparation for the final phase of their Howard scam, Jimmy and Kim visit Dr. Caldera

Having come to know Jimmy quite well over the course of Better Call Saul, Caldera shows the lawyer his black book of underworld contacts