Will Howard die in Better Call Saul season 6? Recent developments certainly point towards that morbid outcome.

For Better Call Saul's final trick, Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler are putting the heat on former boss Howard Hamlin.

They've already planted drugs in his locker, provoked bogus accusations from a former client, and staged a very public meltdown with Wendy the sex worker.

In Better Call Saul season 6's "Black & Blue," Howard finally wises up. After being confronted about the Wendy incident by a duped Cliff Main

However, it's what comes after their humiliating bout that feeds into theories Howard Hamlin will die before Better Call Saul ends.

Howard has absolutely no idea Jimmy McGill is so deep in cartel waters only a small brown quiff of hair remains flapping on the surface.

If not the cartel, could Howard's campaign push Jimmy and Kim to even more extreme measures? The husband and wife tag-team have already been busy destroying Howard in Better Call Saul season 6

Now their enemy is trying to fight back by playing dirty himself, Jimmy and Kim's tactics (and Kim's in particular, since she's made of "sterner stuff") might escalate with deadly consequences.