After fans invested five years following Ignacio "Nacho" Varga's (Michael Mando) journey as a spy in the drug cartels' game,

Better Call Saul finally killed off his character in Season 6, Episode 3. Nacho's keen instinct has kept him alive and under the Salamanca's radar.

Yet, after successfully escaping from the Cousins, Nacho turned back and agreed with Gustavo "Gus" Fring's suicide mission in return for Mike Ehrmantraut's promise to keep his father safe.

Nacho served a key purpose as a double agent between three major drug cartels led by Gus aka the Chicken Man, Juan Bolsa and the Salamanca.

Through Nacho's spy work, juggling information between the Salamanca and the Chicken Man, viewers get to experience the war-like dynamic of the drug business and

understand the strings being pulled behind the curtain. However, his character was only meant to be temporary.

Unlike other key players who served multiple purposes and are the foundations in both the series and the cartel war, Nacho was essentially a creation of circumstances.

Giving him a shocking but tragic ending offered viewers the closure they need while leaving some space to ponder upon.