Even before his upcoming appearance in the prequel, Better Call Saul is making Walter White’s Breaking Bad story even better.

Walt is already well known for his devious, conniving and downright destructive ways, having gone from awkward, embittered science teacher to drug kingpin, Heisenberg, in Breaking Bad.

Throughout the past six seasons of Better Call Saul, the show has been focused on showing the birth of empires

Set across a number of years, it shows how both characters play a long, slow game to reach their respective thrones

with Gus slowly engineering a cartel civil war through carefully chosen targets, and Jimmy increasingly blurring the lines between legitimate lawyer and friend of the cartel.

Across that time, Gus begins building a superlab in secret for his business, and Jimmy builds up a massive client base of criminals

following his successful defense of the dangerousLalo Salamanca. Key characters also die in the crossfire, with Nacho Varga being the most recent victim.

It has the chance to show how Gus and Jimmy entirely underestimate Walt, and the shock when they realize that dealing with him has potentially set the clock ticking on their doom.