Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler have spent Better Call Saul season 6 scamming Howard Hamlin - here's everything we know about the plan's final phase, from Rand Casimiro to mystery stimulants.

When Bob Odenkirk's Jimmy encouraged now-wife Kim (Rhea Seehorn) to partake in his criminal antics, he might've underestimated the depth of her appetite for wrongdoing.

Better Call Saul's season 5 finale ended with Kim suggesting they frame Howard Hamlin for "something unforgivable" and throughout season 6, they've been putting these dark designs into motion.

Jimmy & Kim's ultimate goal is convincing key figures in Albuquerque's legal world that Howard is an unreliable and incompetent drug addict,

rather than just an unlikable lawyer who's actually pretty good at his job. If Howard gets discredited,

the highly-lucrative Sandpiper case he's been negotiating will get settled in a rush, immediately netting Jimmy & Kim $2 million they'd otherwise be forced to wait for.

The sixth line returns to more familiar territory with a picture of an eye at the top followed by "BPM," "RED BULL," "DRUG TRIAL" and "TIMING."

the code Francesca found out, and "HHM" - all logistical elements of accessing the Sandpiper meeting. Ominously, the final column is simply a mushroom cloud,