On the final episode of Sailing Yacht Below Deck, the rented guests took part in a drinking game called The Hurricane and the fans loved it.

Parsifal III's final charter guests are one of the most fun and friendly groups the crew has had this season.

Captain Glen Shepard attributed this to the fact that they were from Canada and joked that as a Canadian partner he himself was not biased.

Unfortunately, due to strong winds, Captain Glenn is unable to take the guests on a trip, but they find other ways to have fun.

Captain Glenn had never heard of the term, but chef Marcos Spatiani was experienced with a scientific approach to cooking and up for a challenge.

However, he couldn't stop working and the chef served well-prepared dishes to the guests, of course. As guests dine with molecular gastronomy, they are amazed by Chef Marcos' culinary experience.

Canadian guests may have just introduced a new drinking game to Under-Deck Cruise fans. Despite being disappointed with their jump during their charter,

they still find ways to have fun, even if it means splashing water on their face followed by a slap in the face.