Vijay delivering the regular dose of entertainment to his fans, if movies were just about style this one would’ve won it all!

Story never gets to be the ‘beast’ & it boils down to just being like a forgotten supporting character

If you’re in just for Vijay, you won’t need any break but if you’re here for something else, try to book a ticket near the audi’s entrance

I would’ve said just Vijay fans, but they’ll anyway watch it. So, for the remaining ones, read & decide! (Ninja technique of increasing session time)

Flying through hundreds of bullets, we’re introduced to the ‘beast’ of the film, Veeraraghavan (Vijay), a R&AW who goes against the government to successfully execute a deadly mission  

Veera goes on to live a simple life leaving his job and tumbles into Preethi (Pooja Hegde) who is engaged, but of course, falls for Veera because he’s the lead. 

On not so one fine day, a mall gets hijacked and Veera happens to be there with Preethi and a few of his people.  

Towards the end, there are some air-wars as well, but by then it became too difficult for me to keep a track of what was actually going on.