Sunday’s premiere finds Barry standing in an open field and eating a snack while we hear a guy pleading for his life.  

He’s been hired to kill the pleading guy, but the guy that hired him changes his mind, even though the pleading guy slept with his wife. “I’m forgiving Jeff,” the client decides  

so Barry shoots them both in the head. (“There’s no forgiving Jeff,” he shouts.) Back at home, he glumly plays video games on the couch while Sally runs off to shoot her new TV show. 

She asks him to bring her flowers to the set, adding: “If I say you can stay for lunch, just know that you can’t!” Thanks, babe!

Our old pal Noho Hank, meanwhile, is using a plant nursery as a front for trafficking heroin when detectives come around asking about the monastery shooting.  

He plays it cool in the interrogation room, but he’s stunned when the cops show him the Chechen pin they found on Moss’ dead body.  

Hank points the finger at Fuches, who he says goes by the name “The Raven.” He killed Moss and shot up the monastery, Hank claims. 

And conveniently enough, Fuches is safely tucked away in a humble shack in the mountains of Chechnya, complaining that he can’t watch college football.