Attack on Titan Season 4 has distanced viewers and its supporting characters from Eren Jaeger, with the anime leaving his intentions a mystery for most of its final season.  

Although he wants the power of the Founding Titan, his plans for it remain up in the air, especially after he admits he would never go through with Zeke’s euthanization plan. 

Attack on Titan Episode 80 finally reveals what Eren does want with the Founder — and it marks a dark turn for his character.

Attack on Titan Episode 80, titled “From You, 2,000 Years Ago,” opens with a history of Ymir and the Titans.  

It shows the Founder’s tragic backstory and explains why she acts as a slave to anyone with royal blood. However, she breaks free of that pattern thanks to Eren Jaeger. 

Attack on Titan Season 4 leaves his friends wondering what his true intentions are for most of its run. But even Armin, who insisted Eren still had Paradis Island’s best interests in mind,  

couldn’t foresee how far his friend would go. As Eren enacts the Rumbling, it becomes clear he’s chosen a dark path in the name of protecting his people.

Episode 80 reveals that Eren wants to remove all threats to Paradis Island and the Eldian people but for him, that extends beyond Marley and its global alliance.