My brain cells just like Arjun’s in Attack had erased all the memories of past life trauma named Satyamev Jayate and reminisced the John of Madras Cafe.

But is Abraham himself ready to erase and start new? Doesn’t look like. This time he not only acts but even gives the story idea.

Coming to Attack, the premise of giving AI the respect and looking far away in the future that someday robots will fight war, is idealistic. But the ambitions ends there. Literally on paper.

What translates on screen is a confused product that wants to serve the audience who watches films with substance and also the one who enter the hall with their tongues rolled to whistle.

One cannot completely blame John for the story, as his partner in ‘crime’ director and writer Lakshya Raj Anand endorses drama and the level 10 version of it.

They make decisions with single screens in mind and if there is some seeti mar audience alive in me, the scene written to incite emotions, turn out comical.

For instance, take the dialogues in a scene where the doctor breaks the news that Arjun has suffered irreversible neck down paralysis, his response to it is “ye permanent kaise ho sakta hai”.

Dialogues by Sumit Bhateja. They together even try to make a subtle political reference where a character says “Home Minister is madly in love with the PM”.