She’s earning some of the greatest reviews of her career and dominating the discourse on Film Twitter — which has already launched an unofficial Oscars campaign for lead actress on her behalf.

“What [is special about] this moment in my career is having so many people who look like me, especially the younger generation [of Asian actors], come up to me and say, ‘Finally,

I can see myself doing all these kinds of things because you are doing it,’” Yeoh told People magazine in an interview published Thursday.

“We have to stand up for ourselves and be courageous enough to have a voice. We deserve a voice. I think at this point in my career,

that is what I’m really enjoying: the fact that we are getting more opportunities and the opportunities we deserve.”

In a recent interview with GQ that has gone somewhat viral on social media, Yeoh became emotional while recalling the first time she met with “the Daniels” and read the script for the A24 film

“‘This is something I’ve been waiting for for a long time. That’s going to give me the opportunity to show my friends, my family, my audience what I’m capable of.

“I always try not to inject me into the character because I see the character as a real person who needs to have real emotions,” Yeoh told GQ.