Aryan and Imlie's love story finally going to kick start next in the upcoming story of the Imlie TV serial and we don't want you to miss it.

The recent episodes see how Imlie risks her life to collect evidence against Seth Purandas.

Imlie succeeds in her mission but ends up falling into his den.

Aryan surely comes to her rescue but eventually, everything messed up when Purandas's goons lock Imlie inside the smoke filled van.

And thus comes the deadly twist when Aryan comes in all his deadly avatar to save his love.

Interestingly, with this biggest U-turn in the storyline, when Aryan takes Imlie in his lap, he gets so emotional seeing her that he finally confesses his love to her.

Aryan and Imlie share a very passionate huge with each other as finally, they manage to get out of the death mouth.

However, will Imlie be able to hear Aryan's love confession?