Star plus popular daily soap Imlie os gearing up for interesting twist and drama.

Aryan and Imlie's life is changing at fast rate and here circumstainces are going to change too.

Imlie talks to Aryan about Arpita's remarriage and he is fine with Arpita getting remarried.

Here Neela gets an alliance for Arpita and this time Arpita is also ready to give life a next chance.

Imlie tries to talk to Arpita about Sunder while Aryan is furious at this and warns Imlie.

Aryan says that he wants Arpita to marry someone who can afford everything for her and this leads to Aryan and Imlie's tiff.

Neela is all set to take advantage of this situation and here she ignites Aryan's anger by trapping Imlie.

Aryan thus drags Imlie out and warns her to keep away from Arpita's matter as she isn't her family.