Imlie: Aryan (Fahmaan Khan) and Imlie's (Sumbul Touqueer) bitter war of words over Arpita and Sundar

Aryan and Imlie are trying to fix things up and maki it works like magic.

Aryan and Imlie's life is moving ahead perfectly well and they seems to make a progress.

While here Imlie now have a new mission which is to unite two lovers Arpita and Sundar.

Arpita and Sundar has liking towards each other and Imlie knows it well and this time she wishes to unite them.

Imlie talks to Aryan about the same and here everything seems to work but not exactly the way it should be.

Aryan warns Imlie to dare talks about Arpita and Sundar and don't find them a match.

Imlie asks Aryan to not see tha gap pf financal status as love is all about love but it won't be as easy as it looks.