Anupama and Anuj's happiness is at its peak, Anupama gets a diamond ring.

Kinjal, Samar and Pakhi are happy for Anupama and here circumstances are changing.

Baa and Vanraj are super irked at the fact that Anupama is getting all the happiness and here circumstances are getting worse.

Baa asks Vanraj to do something, here Vanraj is left puzzled thinking that Anupama is getting what all she wanted.

Anupama and Anuj are planning engagement and Anupama heads to temple to seek god's blesisngs.

Vanraj also comes there and sits besides Anupama although she is unaware of it.

Vanraj talks to Anupama about his failures and how he had bad marriage twice and wish that she may also not be happy.

Vanraj says that Anuj will change after marriage and her life be ruined as his.