Netflix has canceled the sequel to the 2017 film Bright, which starred Will Smith as the main character Daryl Ward, an LAPD detective who lives in a world that coexists with mythical creatures.  

The development for the sequel started in 2018 but suddenly came to a halt just one month after Will Smith slapped the hell out of Chris Rock on stage at the 2022 Oscars.  

But isn’t it weird how a film in development for three years just gets scrapped out of the blue and coincidentally right when its star actor is facing controversy? 

This movie’s cancellation comes right after Smith faced some dire consequences for his on-stage smack. Since that incident,  

he’s had to retire from the Academy, he’s been banned from the Oscars for ten years, and his movies Fast and Loose and Bad Boys 4 have stalled production. 

Additionally, a National Geographic series called Pole to Pole was supposed to feature Smith visiting the North and South poles,  

Smith is now spending his time seemingly running away from everything for a little while. I mean, he has the funds to do so.  

At the end of the day, we hope to see all of this die down – Smith definitely made a mistake, and he’s apologized for it. Personally, I just wanna see good movies, and Smith is a pretty good actor.