Hardy was booked into jail on Friday, and charged with interception and disclosure of wire, electronic, or oral communication, according to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office.

According to an affidavit provided by the sheriff’s office, the alleged victim and her roommate were watching a movie in their dorm room on April 6 when they found 

“a device appearing to be a phone charger” under the victim’s bed. She told officials she researched the device and determined it was used for audio recording, per the affidavit.

She also suspected Hardy, her ex-boyfriend, had placed the device in her room, telling police she had previously “found a fake Instagram account on the Defendant’s phone”  

in February, and claimed he “used to cover up that he was illegally recording her when he was not around,” according to the affidavit.

Hardy also allegedly knew of the victim’s activities during Christmas break, which the victim had not disclosed to the “American Idol” winner.

At the time, the victim says she confronted Hardy, who confessed to placing a “bug” in her room before removing it.  

The alleged victim also provided a screenshot of a Snapchat message where Hardy again confessed to leaving the “bug” in her room.