American Idol has been the starting point for dozens of singing careers since 2000, but not everyone is a naturally talented performer

Between all of the fans and viewers voting for him throughout the season, 20-year-old Noah has one more person to thank for his journey: his best friend, who encouraged him to audition.

While Darwin had the confidence, passion, and interesting backstory that an American Idol contestant needs to go far, she was unfortunately missing the most important part: the voice.

Realistically, the singing aspect of Sarah's American Idol season 6 audition wasn't terrible, despite the 20-year-old declaring that she's never sung before.

Like Simon with Sarah, it's a shame that Paula was not able to judge this episode of the American Idol season 2 auditions, because she missed meeting the memorable Keith Beukelaer.

Can you dig it? That's the question Leroy Wells had for Simon, Paula, Randy, and guest judge Gene Simmons when he appeared on American Idol season 4.

William Hung's American Idol season 3 audition was an entertaining failure at the time, but William has since become a celebrity in his own right. Performing a rendition of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs

Everything about Ian's audition during American Idol season 6 was ahead of its time, minus the singing talent.