The American Idol season 20 second place HunterGirl is a fan most loved who as of late shared another melody that she expounded on her old neighborhood of Winchester, Tennessee.

HunterGirl previously won America's love at her American Idol tryout when she procured a platinum ticket from passes judgment on Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan

During the show, she sang country hits, for example, "Child Girl" by Sugarland (Top 14), "all day" by Dolly Parton (Top 11), "Like My Mother Does" by Lauren Alaina (Top 7),

"Fix It" via Carrie Underwood (Top 5) and "Young lady Crush" by Little Big Town (Top 5), yet it was her unique music that truly caught everybody's consideration.

For Top multi week on American Idol, she played out her unique tune "Tragedy Down," which is tied in with continuing on after a misfortune.

During the opposition, HunterGirl recorded her single, "Red Bird," a tune about trusting that when a cardinal shows up, it is actually a relative from paradise coming down to visit.

Her new tune, "Old neighborhood Out of Me," is a genuine demonstration of how unassuming and thankful she stayed all through her American Idol venture.

She generally gave credit to her old neighborhood and her folks, devoting exhibitions to them on the show. With "Old neighborhood Out of Me," HunterGirl could have another main hit.