TV's most incredible series got a reprieve when All Rise moved to OWN following its cancellation by CBS.

The legal drama features a top-notch cast and impeccable storytelling, so it was a huge victory when the cable network picked it up for Season 3.

While most of the cast were able to return for new episodes -- including the entire main ensemble -- some of the recurring cast members did not make the move. 

That's a sizeable shift for the program, because Robin is one of the show's most important recurring characters.

He's the husband of Lola Carmichael and a former FBI agent who's become a stay-at-home father to their young daughter.

All Rise can't just work around him, which was why the network announced in February that it had replaced Williams with Christian Keyes.

Recasts happen all the time, but this one has the potential to have real impact on a great show.

The All Rise Season 3 trailer recently gave fans their first look at Keyes' version of Robin, and while his performance can't be judged based on a few quick snippets, he has a very high standard to live up to.