Fans of Welcome to Plathville have often thought that members of the Plath family could be part of a cult, but how true is that line of thinking?

Kim and Barry Plath often come across as being extremely devout, and their dedication to religion has left a bad taste in their older kids' mouths.

There is no doubt that Kim and Barry, who may divorce someday, have raised their children with some weird rules.

Welcome to Plathville viewers were surprised to learn that Kim and Barry grew up in very normal circumstances.

Both went to concerts, ate junk food, and even went to college. However, when it came to bringing up their children, they decided against allowing them access to sugar, TV, or outsiders.

These decisions led many fans to wonder if the Plaths secretly belonged to some kind of religious cult.

Viewers immediately became concerned when they first met the Plaths and saw how they lived a very secluded lifestyle, away from the temptations of the modern world.

They have also been linked to the No Greater Joy Ministries, which promotes controversial parenting techniques.