The Ahsoka series is something that Star Wars fans have been wanting for a long time. And while the series' debut draws ever closer, much of the cast remains unannounced.

Rumors and speculation about who is playing which role fill the internet, but the studio has only made a few casting announcements so far.

While there are many popular fan-casting ideas, it may still be a little while yet before people see if their fan-castings become a reality.

Some fans are speculating that many of these casting announcements may come during Star Wars Celebration.

It's not uncommon for some big news to come out of Star Wars Celebration, and with filming having just started, it may be the perfect place to announce the cast.

Others think that maybe any announcements about Ahsoka may wait until Obi-Wan Kenobi has finished airing.

Ahsoka is likely to be a huge hit when it eventually releases. There are many die-hard Ahsoka fans who have been waiting to see her fulfill the promise of Star Wars Rebels and find Ezra.

Ahsoka may be another feather in its cap and give the character the proper send off that she deserves.