In the latest twist in the rapidly evolving saga between MJF and AEW, the company has pulled Friedman's merch and bio from their website entirely.

Fans attempting to purchase MJF gear are met with a 404 Error, stating that the page wasn't found while he no longer appears on their roster page at all.

Searching for MJF on the storefront will still show his shirts and assorted merchandise, but attempting to click on any of them will lead to that same 404 Page Not Found Error.

This appears to be part of the worked shoot promo that MJF gave during the June 1st edition of Wednesday Night Dynamite.

that pipe-bomb-Esque rant, The Salt Of The Earth spoke for more than eight minutes, airing his grievances with both the company itself and AEW founder Tony Khan.

A profanity-laced tirade towards the end of the segment led to Friedman's mic being cut off and AEW cut to a commercial break.

For this generation of wrestling fans, this is the sport at its absolute best: when the line between what happens in the ring and what's going on backstage begins to blur.

It's tough to blame him too, which is why the audience in attendance of AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite ended up cheering MJF, despite him running them down almost the whole time.