A creative new website reimagines A24 films as a Disney World-esque theme park. A24 is an independent distribution company founded in 2012.

Though the company came from humble beginnings, it's seen immense growth in popularity in the past couple of years.

Through its newer titles, A24 has gained more and more mainstream success. When it began, the company first distributed smaller films such as Ginger & Rosa and The Spectacular Now.

A24 went on to put out Oscar standouts including Moonlight and Room, until breaking out more noticeably into the arthouse horror landscape with Ari Aster’s Hereditary

Midsommar, as well as Robert Eggers’ The Witch and The Lighthouse. This year, the distribution company is behind high-budget and hit films such as Everything Everywhere All at Once.

The distinctive description alludes to common rhetoric spouted by A24 film enthusiasts: that the company’s films are “gritty” and “raw.”

Despite the studio’s growing success, many vehemently defend A24 as an anti-mainstream distribution company.

Its bright colors may indicate otherwise, though they do appropriately bring in the Disney World sensibility.