1883 stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill reflect on Elsa's heartbreaking death in the show's season 1 finale. Acting as a prequel to Taylor Sheridan's hit show Yellowstone,

1883 chronicles the Dutton family's trek west across the U.S. to what would eventually become their ranch in Paradise Valley.

The show was a hit with both audiences and critics, with many praising its unflinching depiction of the American West and the strong performances from McGraw, Hill, Isabel May, and Sam Elliot.

McGraw and Hill, who are married in real life, star as James and Margaret Dutton, respectively, with May playing Elsa, their on-screen daughter.

Elsa acts as the narrator for the show and it's her moving journey of self-discovery that is very much at the core of 1883.

The heartbreaking moment comes at the very end of 1883's finale with James holding his daughter beneath a tree in Paradise Valley as she quietly passes away.

With the announcement that 1883 season 2 will focus on legendary lawman Bass Reeves, it's unclear if McGraw and Hill will be returning to reprise their roles.

With Elsa acting as the lens through which the audience experienced 1883's story, it remains to be seen how the show will push forward without her.