Trina’s Alibi Witness Refuses To Confess, Trina Deadlocked! General Hospital Spoilers


GH’s Trina Robinson will finally use her trump card to, prove herself unjust.

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She had an alibi as Spencer Cassadine, he and she were both at the cemetery at the time and she wasn’t the one who posted the video.

But Spencer’s plan was different. And he certainly wont admit that he was with Trina at the cemetery.

Trina won’t understand Spencer’s plan, so she despairs and considers herself lost.

Especially when her new boyfriend Rory cabrera confessed that she and Josslyn Jacks went to the Bar.

Which means that instead of reducing her sentence, Trina is accused of going to a place she is forbidden to go to, even Josslyn could be found guilty.

Rory didn’t want to admit he was the one who searched and took Trina and Josslyn out of the bar.

But as a cop, he can’t lie, he doesn’t want to harm her. Unfortunately the truth is still the truth and he hopes his testimony will have the gentlest effect possible.

Meanwhile, Spencer gets a big conspiracy that he will force Esme to confess the truth. He got a false positive about Esme’s parents, he convinced her to come to trial.

The rest of the time he’ll wait for her to confess, but she probably won’t admit to her guilt.

Instead she wants to avenge the Cassadine family by blowing up the secret she has with Nikolas Cassadine.

Spencer will be shocked, he knows his plan has gone wrong. He is angry with Esme’s confessions and his father’s dirty deeds.

What makes him regret the most is blowing l Trina’s last hope. He thought that he would succeed because of his perfect plan.

And so refused to accept himself as an alibi for Trina. This happened before Esme confessed to sleeping with Nikolas, Spencer couldn’t have foreseen the consequences.

Fortunately, Diane Miller’s attorney will find some evidence when Esme and Rory reveal the truth.

She will put on a smile and turn her eyes to Trina, because Diane is a lawyer and she is quite sharp in the testimony of witnesses and perpetrators.

Despite Trina suffering and not understanding Diane’s smile.

Then Diane will synthesize some evidence, plus eventually Trina’s key witness will arrive. It was the person Trina and Josslyn had been looking for before.

Curtis Ashford was the one who brought that-witness, and Esme would feel desperate soon after. No body eles. It was Oz Haggerty, the guy who sold the phone to Esme

He was angry that Esme had deliberately harmed him before to silence him.


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