Trina Suggested, Spencer Agreed, Rory Tamed Esme! General Hospital Spoilers


GH’s Trina Robinson is in the process of proving her innocence in court.

She despairs and realizes that she has been betrayed by Spencer Cassadine. She hesitated a lot before making the decision to give her alibi as Spencer.

However, Spencer denied that he was with Trina during the time the video was posted.

Because if he did, he wouldn’t have any other chance to help Trina. In fact, Spencer always loved and wanted to live with Trina in the future.

Because Esme’s arrival turns everything upside down, he is willing to put aside his love affair with Trina to defeat Esme.

He knows Trina is innocent, he also understands Esme’s personality very well, his moves are cold to Trina.

Trina was heartbroken when she saw these expressions of his. She didn’t know he still had feelings for her, then she decided to give up Spencer.

She is currently dating a new guy named Rory Cabrera.

It was also because of the trouble that Esme caused Trina that Trina had the opportunity to be near Rory.

But this love affair will definitely end because Rory is a cop. He is not allowed to care and love the suspect, as he may lie for Trina’s sake.

In the police force that’s not allowed, even though he’s very fond of Trina.

Only when Trina is vindicated can he be with her. But by then, Trina realizes Spencer’s sacrifice for her, she will come back to him.

That means Rory will be alone again because Trina and Spencer are back together.

Trina is touched by what Spencer has done for her. He will say that he is willing to give up everything for her. Both will have happy moments after troubles.

As for Rory, although he did not want the guilty brothers, he was forced to leave this love. He knows he’s a latecomer and he’s not qualified to compete with Spencer.

He understood that Spencer had helped Trina too much, and he also knew that the last time Spencer was with Esme, it was also to help Trina.

He will find himself a more suitable person. It has been suggested that Rory and Esme are a couple anyway, this contrasting pair will make waves on PC.

It’s true that Rory is a good person and he wants to help Esme take the best path.

Viewers remember that Esme once flirted with Rory to see if he would leave Trina now.

She had a plot at the time, but maybe she’ll really fall in love with him when she sees how honest he is.

Finally, we’ll have two teenage couples on PC, Rory and Esme, along with Trina and Spencer.

Hopefully they’re good friends, there’s no reason for GH to get rid of Esme.


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