The Flash: What Change Nora & Bart Made To The Timeline


Jay Garrick Is Alive And Well In 2049, But Married To Another Woman

Upon returning home to 2049, Nora and Bart were stunned to be greeted by their honorary uncle Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) as he returned from a food run for a family dinner. This was surprising because Jay Garrick had reportedly been killed by Godspeed at some point in the future, fueling Impulse’s hatred for the sinister speedster. However, the siblings’ joy at Jay Garrick’s return in Flash turned to horror when he made reference to “Aunt Rose” running late because of a botany club meeting. The two quickly determined that reality had been rewritten so that Jay had never met Dr. Joan Williams (Michelle Harrison) who became his wife in the original timeline and sped to The Flash Museum to determine what else might have been changed by their trip to the past.

The Flash Museum Records Events Nora And Bart Don’t Remember

A quick scan of the the records detailing the many battles of The Flash and his allies at The Flash Museum’s Hall of Heroes confirmed what Nora feared most. Beyond causing their Uncle Jay to never meet Aunt Joan, the siblings’ trip to 2021 brought about a Butterfly Effect causing numerous events in their father’s past that neither of them remembered. These included one version of the Arrowverse’s Trickster invading Tibet and a 2047 corruption scandal involving Mayor Anthony Bellows Jr., who was the son of the Mayor Bellows The Flash and Elongated Man arrested in The Flash season 4. There was also a record of their grandfather, Joe West (Jesse L. Martin), being Central City’s Chief of Police in 2016, many years before he was meant to become head of the CCPD in their original timeline.

Booster Gold Was Honored At The White House In 2032

One Flash Museum record involving a hero named Booster Gold being honored at the White House in 2032 was dismissed by Nora and Bart as unimportant, since neither of them remembered ever hearing of a hero called Booster Gold (Donald Faison). This was notable in itself, given their otherwise encyclopedic knowledge of superhero history. This suggests that Booster Gold, who was introduced into the Arrowverse recently in Legends of Tomorrow’s season 7 finale, might have remained an anonymous time traveler until the siblings’ trip in time changed his fate and made him into a public figure.

Nora And Bart Encourage Eddie Thawne To Befriend Joe West

Upon arriving in 2013, Bart and Nora embedded themselves inside the CCPD disguised as CSI interns. They were almost uncovered by Detective Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett), but the siblings were able to distract him by offering to go on a coffee run after Eddie noted that he was having trouble making friends in the police force and was particularly worried about making a good impression on his new partner, Joe West. The brief conversation on how coffee could bring people together inspired Eddie to buy a round for the entire bullpen, which opened the door to his befriending Joe West and, eventually, dating his daughter.

Bart And Nora Help Joe In Romancing Cecile Horton

Flash’ Nora and Bart had a more direct effect on another romantic relationship, helping their Grandpa Joe with his efforts to approach “Grammy Cecile,” aka District Attorney Cecile Horton (Danielle Nicolet). After witnessing Joe’s first clumsy attempt at asking the newly divorced DA out as his date to a New Years’ Eve party, Nora suggested that he try approaching her with lilacs and crumb cake, which were her favorite flowers and desert respectively. Inspired by this advice, Joe had a bouquet of lilacs sent to Cecile’s office. She later told Joe she appreciated the gesture but wasn’t ready to start dating again so soon. She did note, however, that when she was ready, he would be the first to know, setting up the start of their romance in The Flash season 3.

Avery Learns About The Existence Of Time Travel

While getting coffee for the CCPD detectives, Bart accidentally ran into a young intern named Avery, who may be the Arrowverse version of Avery Ho from The Flash comics. The two hit it off immediately after Bart noticed the dissertation she was carrying was about temporal dynamics and her ideas of how time travel might be a practical possibility. Bart later proved Avery’s theories correct when he revealed himself as a time-traveler from the future and asked for her help in figuring out how to avert the paradoxes he and his sister had created.

Joe West Isn’t Shot Trying To Stop A Robbery In The Restored Timeline

Bart and Nora determined that the trigger for the chain of changes to their timeline was Joe West being shot while confronting a bank robber on December 31, 2013. It was a fairly simple matter for Bart to move Joe slightly at super-speed, allowing the bullet to safely pass by him. Unfortunately, this action brought about another unpredictable consequence, with his and Nora’s argument about moving Joe instead of the bullet being overheard by an unseen enemy.


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