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CBS The Bold and Beautiful Spoilers revealed. that Steffy was deeply saddened by Finn’s death.

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Of course, she coped with this pain by hiding from the place filled with memories of the two.

Perhaps that was the best solution Steffy could come up with because as long as she couldn’t see anything related to Finn, her grief would be less.

However, Steffy will soon receive surprising news. It was Finn who was actually still alive and that it was Bill who called to inform Steffy.

This news makes Steffy feel revived and she has more faith in her life. Steffy will soon return to Los Angeles to see Finn again as quickly as possible.

Previously, there were rumors that Finn and Steffy would reunite in Monaco.

However, according to the current situation, Steffy will soon return to the US.

Maybe Finn can’t even solve his own problems, let alone go to Steffy’s.

Finn is fortunate to be saved by Li but then he falls under Sheila’s control again.

Li did not expect Sheila to escape from prison so quickly and find her place.

Sheila would be different from Li, she would never allow Finn to find Steffy.

Therefore, Steffy will have to personally track down Finn’s whereabouts.

Steffy had more hope when she learned that Finn was still alive and that she would save Finn at all costs.

Why was Bill the one to tell Steffy this news?

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He of course still has feelings for Steffy but knows the two of them can’t be together.

Steffy was devastated when Finn died and there was nothing Bill could do but comfort and encourage her.

But unexpectedly one day Bill accidentally saved Li and knew the whole story of what happened to Finn. It turns out Li saved Finn and hid it from everyone.

Until Sheila shows up and causes Li to have an accident. Bill didn’t think much of it, but immediately called Steffy.

Because Bill knows Steffy would be very happy if Finn were still alive. It seems that the human of Sheila doesn’t know what the end is.

Because Sheila is the cause of everyone’s suffering. Sheila promises Finn that she will change and not do evil but in reality is always causing trouble for others.

Because of Sheila, Finn almost died and Steffy was seriously injured. If Sheila had any conscience left, she should have
repented and repented in prison rather than trying to escape.

Sheila learns Finn is alive and volunteers to take care of him. But Finn is not respected by his mother because Sheila still controls Finn’s freedom.

If Steffy returns, it’s time for Sheila to pay for her mistake.


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