New features Whats app 2022

New features Whats app 2022

First open play store in your phone then install in whatsapp. Then open whatsapp then interface will come on your screen in which click on agree and continue then enter your mobile number in which you want to start whatsapp enter there. Make sure that the mobile number that you are adding should be with you. Then click on next. After clicking, there will be an option to check the phone number.

Then enter your otp there you have to click in your phone which will automatically fall up then come on the screen by clicking on it you will be asked to pormision to login whatsapp you have to click on allow then if you want to restore whatsapp message You can click on the restore option given below in the side or you can also skip. Here we will click on skip to know the next process. Then the option of profile info will come up. First you have to type your name and add your name. Then click on the photo to add the photo, open your phone’s gallery from where you can send the photo, then click on next.

Then you have successfully logged in to whatsapp where you can use your whatsapp now we will know what new features have come in whatsapp in 2022.

(1) Make whatsapp on pc. You can video call voice call from dask top before there was no feature in 2021 for dask top users.

(2) whatsapp payment. Whatsapp payment was rolled out at the beginning of 2021 but this feature has been turned on again so you can also pay UPI code through WhatsApp.

(3) view once. This pitcher was a great picture for whatsapp user but was recently rolled out with the help of which you can send video or photo to anyone. View once you can see it only once. Both are automatically deleted from the phone.

(4) mute video before Shering. When you send a video to someone or put a video status, if you want to mute the sound of that video in it, there is an option in the top side, from there you can mute the sound of the video.

(5) Multi device support. Yes, there was a big update in feature 2021. You can use four different WhatsApps and then you can use any four whatsapp in your phone by scanning us qr code whether your phone is net on or off.

(6) End-to-end encryption back up. What used to be backed up from WhatsApp iPhone users in iCloud Android users did not have encryption encrypted in Google and did not guarantee whatsapp but now it is encrypted in whatsapp through feature.

(7) Disappearing massage. With the help of this feature you can use chat or group message disappearing ability which automatically deletes chat or group message from both the phones in seven days or even in 30 days. Is

(8) Group I con editor. In this feature you can edit the photo in any group icon. If you click directly, you can search in google below. You can create DP of any event festival.Or you can create any emoji dp then save in group profile photo.

(9) Group missed call join. If you can’t join a group call at the time a group calls you, you will receive a notification on the calls in whatsapp by which you can then join that video call.

(10) New archived (read latter). Earlier this feature used to be at the bottom of whatsapp, now it is at the top. If you want to see any chat message then touch and hold it on the chat with your finger, then there will be many options at the top. You can see how many messages have archived.

(11) Fast forward voice massage. If someone sends you a voice message that is too big or too long, you can fast forward it and I can hear it. This is a very powerful feature of 2021.

(12) New voice massage recording. If you want to record any voice message, you can record the voice through the layout on the screen when you have the feature in whatsapp and you can also stop with the same button and if you think there is any mistake in the voice. If it is, you can listen to it by playing and if it is wrong, you can delete it and if it is right, you can send it.

(13) Sticker shear shortcut. Next to the video and photo you are given the option of a short cut arrow. Now if you want to share a sticker, you can share it on a sticker like the photo and video, through which you can send a sticker to anyone in whatsapp.

(14) whatsapp status undo. Yes in the feature when you upload status in whatsapp maybe your private file is sent then below you will now find that there is an option of undo in front of the status stand by clicking on it your status will be deleted from there your status will not be uploaded Happens.


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