Morbius 2 Video Shared By Jared Leto: Will Marvel Actually Make a Sequel?


Even considering how many controversial superhero movies have made their way into the public in recent memory, almost none have incited the same level of anger and fury from fans as Sony Pictures’ Morbius. After more than half a dozen delays to its release due to the pandemic, Jared Leto’s Spider-Man spin-off movie arrived in theaters, giving fans an average 2005 movie nearly two decades too late.

While Morbius earned some of the worst reviews of any superhero movie in history, along with its embarrassing showing at the box office, it’s quickly became a cult sensation due to fan discourse on social media. Leto’s Marvel debut came as the third outing in Sony’s Spidey franchise after two mildy-successful Venom movies from Tom Hardy, although it didn’t even live up to that lower standard, much less to anything from the MCU.

Recently, that discussion over Morbius became so prevalent that Sony actually decided to bring the film back into select theaters, even after suffering the worst second-week drop-off of any movie ever (amongst other lowlights). Now, Leto has come in with his own message for the fans, bringing another round of laughs into play as Morbius remains a hot topic.

Jared Leto Joins In on Morbius Joke

Morbius star Jared Leto took to Twitter to make his mark on the social media discourse behind the film that’s recently gained traction. This comes one day after it was announced that the film would be released again in limited theaters worldwide.

In a 19-second video, an unknown person shoots Leto reading a script, which he reveals to be from Morbius 2: It’s Morbin’ Time. This script lists “Bartholomew Cubbins” as it’s writer, heavily implying that this is meant as a complete joke following Morbius’ first run in theaters.

The full video can be seen below:

Is It Really Morbin’ Time?
Even in the golden age of superhero movies, Morbius seems to be making its mark in a strange way, which only gets more bizarre with every passing day.

Jared Leto still remains passionate about his work on the Spider-Man spin-off movie, regardless of how many reviews have spoken on just how bad the film is from both story and visual effects perspectives. This comes on top of the movie being unexpectedly popular in social media circles, becoming the subject of many a meme following its short run in theaters.

Will a sequel to Morbius actually happen? Even if it does, it almost certainly wouldn’t be subtitled “It’s Morbin’ Time,” and it’s unlikely that it will happen anytime soon due to the rough reception that the first film has received.

Regardless of how Sony Pictures moves forward with this controversial franchise, it’s made an impact on fans in a way that almost no other superhero movie ever has before.

Morbius is now available for purchase digitally.


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