Moon Knight Gives Its Hero a New Power


The season finale of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Moon Knight on Disney+ introduces viewers to an ability Marc never possessed in the comics.

In previous episodes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Moon Knight, Marc Spector used his cape to glide from place to place. However, in the season finale, thanks to an assist from Khonshu, Egyptian god of the night sky, he is able to fly through the sky. This is a major departure from his comic book counterpart, who possesses enhanced abilities akin to those of Captain America or even Spider-Man. Despite this, he does not have more “meta” superpowers beyond enhanced physical abilities, let alone the ability to fly.

After Marc is brought back to life, he once again becomes Khonshu’s avatar. Marc not only regains his suit, but also additional powers. While the MCU does adapt comic book material onto the big and small screen, they also have a reputation for changing certain details on certain characters, whether they be costume changes or something as big as a shift in their origin. For example, Kamala Khan’s powers were altered in the trailer for her upcoming show compared to the original source material.

Any deviation from the source material leaves fans in uncharted waters when it comes to how these changes may affect the character. Marc having the ability to fly in the finale raises a lot of questions. How far can Marc fly? Can he sustain it or is it a rather limited form of flight? In the season finale, Marc flew from the Tomb of Ammit all the way to the Great Pyramids of Giza to confront Harrow. This shows that he can, in fact, maintain flight longer than someone like Jessica Jones, who describes her version of flight as “guided falling.”

Despite some arguing that Moon Knight is unable to fly, rather he was given a boost by Khonshu, his follow-up fight with Arthur Harrow disproves that. Spector is able to fight Harrow in the air — even changing direction while simultaneously trading blows with Harrow. One thing to keep in mind is that it is Moon Knight, not Mr. Knight who can fly. Unlike Marc, Steven as Mr. Knight seems to only possess peak human levels of strength and skill.

Keeping the gift of flight exclusive to Marc adds new layers to the character. Throughout the series, Marc had been struggling with coming to terms with his past, both accepting his brother’s death and broken family along with being confronted about murdering Layla’s father. After his trip in The Duat, Marc rose above his troubled past and made peace with his alter, Steven Grant. Having Marc gain the ability to fly further symbolizes this personal growth.

Despite giving Moon Knight an ability he didn’t possess in the comics, Marc being able to fly goes far deeper when taking all elements of his life into perspective. Marc’s internal struggle with his past led to his heart not being balanced when he initially entered The Duat. After coming to terms with his past, he is able to finally soar, further highlighting this evolution. While some changes made by the MCU may not be necessary, Marc being able to fly certainly is not a pointless change.


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