Marvel’s What…If Season 2 Receives Release Update


Marvel’s What If Season 2 Receives Promising Release Update

The majority of Marvel Studios’ projects, to date, have been live-action. In fact, What If…? currently resides as the only animated series to join the roster. The Disney+ series followed Jeffery Wright’s Watcher as he looked over various alternate timelines until it culminated in the cosmic being needing to form a group of heroes to take on a Multiversal threat in Infinity Ultron.

When the first season streamed last year, the creatives behind the scenes weren’t shy in revealing that a Season 2 was on the way and that they hoped to get it out by 2022. Since then, there hasn’t been much in the way of new information.

Coming into the new year, Disney+ released a sizzle reel that showcased all of the upcoming projects coming to the service within the year. While it didn’t include all of them, it was notable how What If…? also did not make the cut. Then, a recent Disney Investor Meeting made no mention of the series either.

Well, now fans can rest easy thanks to a Moon Knight production brief, as the show has been confirmed to still be set for this year.

Disney released a new production brief for its upcoming Oscar Isaac-led Disney+ series Moon Knight. Within it held a tidbit that offered new information on the future of Marvel Studios’ first animated show, What If…?.

The Disney release directly mentions What If…? as it lists off all of the other MCU series produced by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige that are set to hit the platform throughout this year indicating that What If…? Season 2 will premiere in 2022

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Since the show wasn’t mentioned at the recent Disney Investor Meeting, it’s most likely going to air towards the end of this year. The meeting only covered the fiscal year of 2022, which ends on September 30—so there are projects set to air after that which would naturally not have come up.

But what can fans expect in the upcoming season? Well, at the very least, there will be the cut first season episode with Sakaar Iron Man and Gamora. The Steve Rogers tease for Captain Carter is likely going to turn into something too, especially since it’s been confirmed that The Watcher will be keeping tabs on the alternate Cap.

With how big the first season went in regards to Infinity Ultron shredding through the Multiverse, and somebody potentially doing the same in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it’s hard to predict where the show will go next. At the very least, hopefully, there will be no more party-Avenger Variants.

Those who have watched the show will surely be glad they did when Multiverse of Madness rolls around. The imagery of watching over the Multiverse can even be seen in the Super Bowl TV spot, and Captain Carter is on the poster—there will be connections, that’s for sure.

What If…? is currently streaming on Disney+ and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters worldwide on May 6.


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