How to use Gaana Application ?

How to use Gaana Application ?

It is a music application where you can listen to your favourite songs free. To listen to this songs you have to sign up first. And for that I have given some steps below, follow those steps to sign up in very easy way.

How to sign up to gaana application ?

To sign up you have to go to the Google Play Store first. After opening the Play Store search for the gaana application. You will find a application which have red coloured background and a ā€˜gā€™ written in the logo in white colour. When you find the right application tap on download button and wait until the application is downloading. After that application will be installed in the phone and than you have to open the gaana application.

After opening it you will see a welcome page where you have to enter your mobile number to login to this application. You can also login with some other options like, Facebook, Google and Email. They have given this options in the bottom side of this page. Type your number in the given box and select the option login with OTP ( One Time Password ). When you click on that you will be considered that you are comfortable with the terms and conditions of gaana application.

After you receive the otp you have to fill it in the box and tap on the verify button. And if you do not receive the otp than check your number you have given and retype it. You have to fill the otp before one minute after that otp will expire. Than they will verify your otp and take you to the next step of login process.

In the next page you will see different languages and you have to select atleast one of them. This is for the songs that in what language you like to listen the songs in this application. You can select as many as you want just tap no the language and the language will be selected after selecting the language tap on the next button to move forward.

In the next page you will have to select some of your favourite artists from the list. You have to select atleast three of them to continue with login. Because of this the application will pop up more songs of your favourite artists and you can enjoy their songs easily. After selecting tap on the next button and you will be done with the login process. Now you can enjoy unlimited songs of your choice.

How to use gaana application ?

It is a music application and it is very easy to understand nad to operate. You have to just learn some basics of this application so you can use all the features so that you can get better experience of this application. I have explained all features of it in the below paragraphs just read them once and you will be ready to enjoy the application with its full potential.

In the home page you can see there are so many different options available. They have separated the songs in different criteria like, top hindi songs, romantic songs, international songs, etc. There are some of your favourite artists also available you can just tap on any artist or album and listen to the songs. There are some of the very famous artists which you can listen to their songs directly from home page.

In the bottom of this page you can see the bar where you can see many options. You can tap on that and use it. The second option is to search for the songs. There you can select the playlist directly also and if you want to listen to the specific song or artist than type any song in the search bar and you will be able to listen your desire songs.

In the bar next thing is podcast, tap on that option and you can listen to all the podcast available in this application. There are all types of podcast available in many languages like gujarati, English, Hindi and many more. They have news podcast, they have traditional podcast, they have horror podcast, etc. Just select or search the podcast you want to listen and you can enjoy it as much time as you want. There are so many podcast in which you can learn from and we should encourage kids also to listen this podcasts.

The next option is my library in which you can see the songs you have added to your favourite list. Also you can make your own playlist of your favourite songs so that you do not have to find them one by one. You can also add your favourite artists hear and listen to their songs with shuffling option. with this option you will get different songs one by one continuously.

The last option of the bar is for upgrade or to get subscribtion of gaana application. If you subscribe to this application you can get better experience of songs. For example there will be no ads to disturb you, You can download the songs as many as you wish, you can also join in the live event of some of the famous artists. Overall you will be satisfied with the subscription.


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