How To Delete Messages On A MacBook


Users can easily delete messages and conversations in the Messages app on their MacBook. Users should note that deleted messages can’t be retrieved.

Apple users can easily delete messages on their MacBooks. Some users may prefer to text with friends on their computers because it’s quicker to type on a keyboard than on the phone. Or at least without too many typos. Luckily, Apple users can use iMessage right from their computers. All the messages will also show up on their phone, so they can carry on the conversation when they are out and about.

Users should note that they will only be able to send messages to other Apple users in the Messages app on their computers. It’s easy to use, though. Just open it up, and on the left-hand side will be the current conversations, and once a conversation is chosen, it will be on the right. Next, select a chat to send a message or click on the New Message button to start a new one. From there, enter the phone number or email addresses of one or more people to start the chat. Then click on the plus sign.

If users want to clean up their messages, they can easily do so by going into the Messages app on their Apple MacBook and selecting a conversation. Next, choose one or more messages or photos, videos, files, etc., then double-click and press delete. A window will pop up asking the user if they are sure they want to delete the message. Select ‘Delete’ to confirm. Users should note that the messages can’t be retrieved after deletion. Users can also delete an entire conversation on their Mac. Once the conversation is chosen, go to ‘File’ and then ‘Delete Conversation.’ Conversations can also not be retrieved after deletion.

Set Up How Long A User Wishes To Keep Messages

Users can also set up when their messages can be deleted, so they don’t have to do it manually. In the Messages app, go to ‘Message’ and then ‘Preferences.’ Then under ‘General,’ go to the ‘Keep Messges’ selection and choose between 30 Days, One Year and Forever. If the user selects 30 Days or One Year, all messages, including attachments, will delete after that allotted time.

There could be many reasons why a user may want to delete their messages or conversations. Maybe they broke up with a significant other and don’t want to look at their conversation anymore. Perhaps they just want to free up space. Messages that are deleted on a MacBook using iCloud will automatically be deleted on all other devices too. So it can free up space elsewhere too. Whatever the reason, it’s simple to do.


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