How to Book Flight Tickets on Paytm

How to Book Flight Tickets on Paytm

To create an account in paytm, first you need to download Paytm application from Play Store in your phone, then open paytm, then a page will open in your mobile phone, then you have to enter your mobile number there, click on your proceed below it.

Then another page will open on your screen. The first permission is asked. Due to security reasons, I am sure that the first thing you get is the permission of the phone state and the second SMS to know that you are using your Paytm account. Then click on the great permission below then the tags will appear on the screen which you just have to click on allow.

Then an OTP(One-time password) will come to your mobile number.which you have to enter in next step or it will be automatically dropped up, then confirm it, then your number will be verified, then you have to add your bank account. Your Paytm account will be created then you can use Paytm.

First you have to open paytm then on screen you can see below fetcher section then click on your see all then you have to search flights there you will see many options if you want to book national flight inside india then in left side up The option of flights is given and if you want to book an international flight, the option of intl. flight is given in the upper right side.

So here we book the national flight then click on the left side now we want to book the flight from Mumbai to Delhi then write in Mumbai from then on and on the other side to Delhi we have to search this way then we will finalize the date if you If you want to book a flight pre-planned, your ticket will be booked three to four months in advance and you will also see the option after one year. Book a ticket like one day then ten days then one month then you get higher rate.You can see it below the dates.

For example if you want to travel in 25 of November you can select there then below you are given the option of travels where you have to click there you have to tell how many travels to travel.First of all, you have to select all those who are going to travel above 15 years in A&L and if there are any children, then you can also select children from 2 to 12 years and their ticket charges are fully charged. If there are any privans in the class below then select Economy and Business to do then give done then you have to do a search flight.

After searching, an animation will appear on the screen, then there will be a list of all the flights. It is very important to understand the screen. There are many options given below. Click on the filter. From there, filter can be applied. If you have a favorite airline, you can select the one you want to travel from below.

There you have the option of nonstop flight. There is also an on-off button below. You can also try it. For example if we want to book a USA Air flight here then click on it and after clicking on it you can see all about the flight. The details are given above. You have stated the baggage allowance policy. It will say how many kgs are allowed in the handbag and how many kgs are allowed in the checking bag. It is necessary to read the information given as to how many kg bags are allowed.

Then if you have to apply a code there, do not go to that section as we have not selected any package.

In the offers section you can do whatever promo code you want to apply, you can save a little extra money, then you have to click on Continue, then a screen will appear in front of you in which you have been asked to enter the details of one. First name to last name.

Then if you want to carry extra baggage then clicking on the option below will show you its charges then you have to enter all the details in the contact information then click on Continue below then you have the option to select a seat if you want to select a seat from your phone. If it is then you have to pay the charges separately and if you do not have to pay the charges separately then click on skip below and after clicking you will get the seat from the airlines then you can pay from the payment balance, Bank account, credit card, debit card so you can pay from wherever you want to payment.


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