GH Spoilers predictions for next week from Monday, 25 to Friday, July 29, 2022.


This week. GH will still revolve around Trina Robinson’s case, as everyone is trying to save her from a wrongful case.

In addition, there are also some other updates related to the secret of Nikolas Cassadine and Esme.

For Willow Tait, her health is the most worrying thing right now. She must take care of her health, because now she is not alone.

If her health has problems, the baby in the womb will not be able to develop well.

She will want to get a diagnosis of her condition from TJ Ashford.

TJ will say that there are currently no results, but he suspects she actually has the disease through her strange physical symptoms.

Esme immediately commits a crime and she wants to run away, she knows the consequences are too great and irreparable.

As her secret trip begins, Nikolas Cassadine’s wife Ava Jerome rushes in, forcing Esme to confess the truth.

Esme later admits that she slept with Ava’s husband, because of that admission the two of them would fight.

Ava is angry and wants to kill Esme regardless of the consequences, so this horrible fight could take Esme’s life.

Carly Corinthos knew her daughter would go to great lengths to help her friend. She wants Josslyn Jacks to be quiet, even Trina does, but Josslyn won’t sit idly by.

Soon after, when a witness suddenly appeared, Josslyn and Trina were also shocked.

Soon after, when a witness suddenly appeared, Josslyn and Trina were also shocked.

Since that witness had all the facts, it was of course Oz Haggerty.

Elizabeth Baldwin is not very calm when she returns to her old job. She still feels like something isn’t right after everything she’s been through,

Hamilton Finn will help her get back to normal before she can get back to work and life.

The two of them will become closer and maybe a new date will replace the troubles of the previous date.

Going back to Esme, before confronting Ava, she will want to meet someone she considers her father for help.

Ryan Chamberlain knew who Esme’s biological mother was, so he told Esme that Spencer Cassadine was lying.

Ryan didn’t want to help Esme with other matters. That’s why Esme wants to get off the PC to make sure she doesn’t end up in jail.

Victor Cassadine doubts Nikolas Cassadine’s current actions. So Victor will soon be spying on his nephew, which may help him get his grandson’s secret.

As for Nikolas, he will work to stop his son from confessing to having escaped from prison.

He would rush to the trial and silence his son, but what he didn’t expect was that his son already knew he was sleeping with Esme.


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