Fall Guys: Stadium Stars Event Guide


Fall Guys just started off its previously restricted time occasion of this season – here’s beginning and end you really want to be aware of it.

Fall Guys has started off its allowed to-play send off with another season and a few extra highlights and occasions. This new update incorporates the presentation of the restricted time Stadium Stars Event; offering both new and returning players a modest bunch of exceptional prizes to procure.

Occurring from Wednesday, June 22 to Wednesday, June 29, 2022, this occasion fills in as an extraordinary way for all players to get to know the new levels that were presented this season, Season One: Free for All. Most outstandingly, players can procure the occasion selective ensemble thing, the Free For All Party Pack, by finishing difficulties inside the occasion window. Utilize the data gave underneath to ensure that you are productively advancing through this restricted time occasion; guaranteeing that you are procuring all suitable prizes.

Stadium Stars Challenges

There are a sum of ten occasion difficulties that can be finished during this occasion window; expecting you to finish different jobs inside the game. Finishing these difficulties will acquire you 100 Trophies each, the cash that is utilized for this particular occasion.

To finish every one of the ten occasion difficulties, players should contend in Solo Show, Squads Show, and the new Stadium Stars Show; ending up somewhat straightforward undertakings for however long you are contending in the right Shows. Players should finish the accompanying moves and amass Trophies to open and get every one of the prizes accommodated this occasion.

Stadium Stars Rewards

Six distinct prizes that are being presented for the Stadium Stars Event. All prizes are in-game things, some that are selective to this occasion; including the Free For All Party Pack ensemble piece, the last and most remarkable award accessible.

To open every one of these prizes, you should finish occasion difficulties and gather the occasion money, Trophies. The accompanying occasion rewards are procured when players collect the necessary number of Trophies for that particular thing; likewise gave underneath.

You don’t have to trade your Trophies to get these prizes, rather arrive at the necessary absolute of Trophies recorded. This implies that once an occasion reward is recovered, you will in any case keep all Trophies that you have aggregated during the occasion.


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